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1948 Chevy

In late 1947, Chevy introduced what was called the “Advanced Design” truck.  This is the iconic  look that has made Chevy trucks famous over the years.  The chrome and aerodynamic styling put Chevy trucks far ahead of Ford and Dodge (my opinion only).  We purchased our 1948 in the fall of 2014.  She was originally restored in Memphis, Tennesseee in the late ‘90s by Legen’s Hot Rod Shop.  The interior on the truck was restored by the legendary Paul Atkins shop in Alabama. 

The color combination of orange and white reminds people of a Creamsicle so we appropriately call her “the Dreamsicle”.  She is a beautiful restoration loaded with a lot of chrome.  Like our “Princess” , she boasts a very nice external sound system to play your favorite sound track of the 50’s and 60’s.  The engine is a 350 ZZ4 mated to a 350 turbo hydramatic  transmission.  The art work was hand painted by Javier Soto.  He painted a nice portrait of my Dad on the passenger side of the truck. Somerset Hills Classics of Bernardsville performed the restoration.